Mary McGee Wood - Assessment and Feedback - Training and Consultancy


Some of my thoughts, views, and uses of language about assessment and feedback.

  • Types of assessment
    Diagnostic, formative, summative, re-validation: definitions and uses
  • Questions about questions
    Are the answers to a question selected or constructed, objective or subjective, closed or open? Are the questions themselves explicit or implicit?
  • Answers: selected or constructed?
    Are the answers to a question selected (e.g. multiple choice) or constructed (text, calculations, diagrams)?
  • Answers: objective or subjective?
    Are the answers to a question objective (factual) or subjective (opinion or commentary)?
  • Answers: closed or open?
    Are the answers to a question closed (with a fixed correct answer, known in advance) or open?
  • Questions: explicit or implicit?
    Does a question only ask what it appears to ask, or does it also implicitly test knowledge or understanding?
  • The matrix
    One of my favourite tools for thinking about complex spaces like assessment and feedback.
  • "Good" feedback
    Ten criteria for "good" feedback - from two rather different viewpoints.
  • Plain English
    A few words and phrases I promise you will never hear me use.

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