Mary McGee Wood - Assessment and Feedback - Training and Consultancy


  • Do you support learners or teachers, and try to help them develop?
  • Are you satisfied that the feedback you give them is timely and effective, and that you respond to what they tell you, directly or indirectly?

"To an engineer, information is ... feedback only if the information fed back is actually used in reducing the gap between actual and desired states."

Dylan Wiliam

Feedback is suddenly fashionable in UK HE. But a decree from a Vice-Chancellor alarmed by the latest NUS survey does not in itself ensure that the standards of feedback in that institution will improve. Nor is there agreement on the criteria for improvement (although "clear criteria" are generally agreed to be A Good Thing).

The established view of feedback as something given by teachers to students is still dominant (even among theorists who use words like "dialogic"), but feedback from students to teachers should be equally developed and respected: after all, their answers to your assessment questions are the best guide to how effective your teaching has been.

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