Mary McGee Wood - Assessment and Feedback - Training and Consultancy


The re-design of a programme, syllabus, or course module is an opportunity to re-think assessment and feedback, and how they inform and support learning and teaching. In my "makeovers" we look together at your current practice for a specific course or programme, and look for ways to improve it. This could include increased feedback on existing assessments; new, or more imaginative, formative and summative assessment; early-session diagnostics (hugely under-used) to identify students in need of special support; new uses for new technologies; there are many, many possibilities.

These makeovers are not done in a day (ah, there's an idea for the "reality" TV programme makers...) You will need time to collect your current teaching material and its background, I will need time to read it, and we will probably exchange preliminary ideas by email or telephone, before we actually meet with specific proposals to discuss. Or we might meet once early on, to establish a shared starting point, and again towards the end. You might also want to keep me involved in monitoring and evaluating your new assessments as they happen.

It is best if only the people running the course are directly involved in this process, to keep it focussed and efficient. You are then, of course, welcome to use it as a case study for other courses in your department, institution, or subject area. As always, I want to give you tools, not (just) answers.