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I have been teaching, and assessing, in UK Higher Education since 1981. After brushes with Graphic Design and Advertising, Philosophy, Psychology, and Linguistics, and three years' research in Machine Translation, I took a steady job as a lecturer in Computer Science at the University of Manchester in 1988. I became involved in the Assess By Computer (ABC) e-assessment project in 2002, and in 2008 left the University to concentrate on my role as Research Director and head of User Support for Assessment21 Ltd, distributors of the ABC system. With this (ad)venture into freelance training and consultancy I aim to work with a wider range of questions and people.

Degree qualifications:

  • BA in Linguistics and Ancient Greek, Birmingham, 1978
  • MA in Linguistics, Birmingham, 1981
  • PhD in Linguistics, University College London, 1988

Member of:

I also have a blog on assessment in UK Higher Education.